Hiring A Utah Wedding DJ

We know that it can be a time consuming process when trying to plan a wedding and that’s why we want to help and be apart of your perfect day.  There are all sorts of amazing details that come into play when executing a wedding and what more can you ask for than hiring a DJ company such as Opus Productions that will control the flow and the atmosphere for precise execution.  There are a lot of details that we can talk about prior to the event to make sure that everything is in place and your day goes the same way as you see it in your head.

There are a number of questions that you should want to ask a DJ when hiring.  Such as:

  • Will the person that I’m speaking with, be the DJ that will be at my event?
  • How many events do you book on the same day?
  • What type of music will be played?
  • Is Emcee included in the initial cost?
  • What kind of dance floor lighting do you carry and does it cost extra?

Some of these questions are great and will give you an idea of where to go from there.  As a Utah DJ, we understand the demographics in which we work with and that’s why we charge what we do.  We feel we can meet your needs at an affordable price.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us when hiring a Utah wedding DJ, when looking for details or if you’d just like to know our pricing, we would love to help!