Pace Photography and Video

Wendell of Pace Photography and video has the eye that most people don’t.  His services encompass the very look and feel that will make your moments last forever.  The ability he has to interact with all of your guest will bring out the best in everyone.  If you think about how important your guest are, he will be sure to include them as much as possible.

I would highly encourage you take a look at his website and see some of his work.  He is so genuine and will make sure that his work will coincide with your vision, of your perfect day. Give him a call or submit your info through his website, you can’t go wrong.  We have worked with Wendell and his work is not only great, but he is a fun person to be around and easy to get a long with.  It’s important to remember that you’re not just buying pictures, but your also hiring someone who can create moments that will last a life time for you and your family to come.

Wendell PaceRachal said it best about Pace Photography and video, “Wendell did a great job with my wedding. He was able to work with me a couple days before the wedding to get more pictures taken that we wouldn’t have had the time for the wedding day. He worked exceptionally well with our big wedding party and all the people felt comfortable. My family was very impressed with how quickly he was able to move around the groups and how good he was at keeping everyone entertained. The finished product I received was completely worth the price! He gave me three discs and 4 copies of each set, everyone could get the pictures they wanted and I never have to worry about losing those pictures. He was a fun guy to work with and I would recommend his services to anyone!”

Remember Pace Photography and Video when booking your next event!

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