Photos of DJs

Regardless of the type of occasion, Opus Productions can make it memorable with our unique style Utah photo booth. We can take photos of DJs just as well as we can of other people.  Your guests will be lining up to have their picture taken all night long with our fun props and professional lighting!

Our photo booth is custom-made to fit large groups of people in one shot – no more of this “two-four at a time” business. We have room for the whole family, friends and whoever else you would like to include. For an additional $100 fee, we can tailor our props to your event theme, turning your photos into a living memory of your event.

Our photo booth comes with our standard (and free) hour-long consultation where we will discuss event themes, props and specific requests for the photos.  Our photo booth service can be purchased separate from our DJ pricing or at a discount if bundled with our DJ service.

We also specialize in taking photos of DJs who are performing at events.  The importance of marketing material is key when trying to get yourself out there more and we can take just the pictures to do it.  There are a lot of opportunities for pictures to be taken, but ultimately, if the right pictures aren’t being taken, it can turn that opportunity into something you won’t want to remember.  It can be fun to perform at events and if you can catch the moments to sell yourself, that’s what we want to help you accomplish.

If the person that you are attempting to hire to take pictures doesn’t understand how to take pictures in the dark without a flash, chances are, your pictures won’t turn out the way you planned.  Often times, people think that because they have an $1100 camera, they instantly become a photographer.  If they don’t understand how to use their camera, their pictures aren’t going to make a difference.  Don’t take a chance hiring your friend, let someone who knows how to take photos of djs, do the job.

Take a look at our main focus of work with is DJing at any type of events.  We always have many reviews on

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