Youth Dance LDS YSA DJ

Born and reared in Utah, and being a youth dance LDS YSA DJ, I have always been apart of the LDS community and culture.  I, myself, am LDS and have been my whole life so I know the standards of the LDS church and the expectations when it comes to living LDS standards.  Providing music for events can be easy, making sure that they are fun wholesome and uplifting can sometimes be a challenge.  There are ideas and activities that we can bring to any event to ensure that the youth are having fun and will want us to come back for their next event.

All of my music is legally purchased and fully edited.  How you hear it on the radio is how you hear it on the dance floor.  There areYouth Dance LDS DJ great opportunities to utilize technology to help the youth grow the way they should.  With Opus Productions, we have technology that will help the leaders understand the youth more these days.  We can let the kids pick the music from their iPhone and dance to what they want.  This can also give the leaders an idea of what their youth are listening to and then consider doing a fireside on the power of music and the influence it has to us personally.

We have had the opportunity to DJ many LDS events and often times we are called back due the seriousness of planning that we put into these dances to really make sure the leaders are just as happy as the youth themselves.  Sometimes, we have even have the youth help plan the dance with the DJ so then the youth start telling all their friends about it because they were a part of the planning.

We hope that you will consider Opus Productions for your next youth stake dance, LDS EFY dance, DJ your youth conference Dance, LDS YSA dance or any other church function that will need a great DJ and help you have a great time! So the next time you are considering any type of youth dance LDS DJ, give Opus Productions a call or contact us through our website.

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