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Do you know what the best part of our job is?  Hands down, it’s the people we meet.  From our clients to other incredible vendors, networking with some of the coolest people on the planet is what makes our job amazing.  Let’s talk talent when it comes to preferred vendors, shall we?

In our business, we have met hundreds of other wedding and event professionals that really know their stuff.  We’ve also met a bunch that show up late, forget their equipment or really cause chaos on someone’s special day.  With thousands of event and wedding vendors in the state, how are you supposed to know who is reliable and who you can count on?  Well, we’ll tell you.

Below is a list of some of our absolute favorite vendors in the state.  They are great at what they do and we think you should give them a little looksee.  While some the lists can vary greatly (catering, for example), others are pretty straight forward.  We’ve got links and info and all of the good stuff that you need to get you started on your vendor search for your next big event.  And here’s a little hint: vendors LOVE to talk shop so if you have questions about their offerings or services, hit them up and see if they can’t help you out.

Opus Productions isn’t, we aren’t only the Mecca for music,  lighting, monograms and more, but we have also done the extra work so you don’t have to by listing preferred vendors. We decide to not only share our opinions about our other vendors but validate their service and feel it’s worth while to advertise for them.  These are the preferred vendors we recommend, but once you use them, I’m sure they will become your trusted partners.  We hope that you find the list of vendors we have provided helpful. Listed below are some of the area’s top preferred vendors and we encourage you to consider them for your special event.

We trust them and feel you should too if you find a need for their services.



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