Wedding DJ Story

Wedding DJ Story

A bride wanted to hire an amazing wedding DJ for her big day.  She started looking around at her bridal fair and found this DJ that was able to do everything she ever wanted.  However, she noticed that this wedding DJ charged quite a hefty price.

The bride thought to herself that the price was just WAY too high so she approached the wedding DJ and turned on the charm as she approached him, “I would like to hire you for my wedding day, but I think your prices are way too high!”

The DJ was taken by surprise a bit but calmly replied, “Ok, how much do you think I should charge?” To her reply, “I think you should charge X amount, because you already have a laptop, and you already have music, your speakers cost this much, your lights cost this much, I even factored in cables too!”

The final price the bride had come up with was by far a lot less expensive than the DJ’s original price, but he agreed and said, “OK, deal.  I will show up to your wedding and we’ll go from there!”

The bride was super pleased with how well she negotiated and couldn’t resist telling all of her girlfriends what an incredible deal she was able to swindle and how smart she is, and on her big wedding day, she will have the best dance party ever!

The big wedding day arrives and all of the guest have shown up for the big party.  The ceremony goes well, the food was perfect, and now she is herding her guest into the dance hall for the big moment she had negotiated so well for!  As she walks in, her smile slowly fades away as she stomps over to the DJ who is standing by a couple of speakers, a few lights and more cables than what she knows what to do with. Angrily she yells, “How could you do this to me? I asked you to be my wedding DJ and all you showed up with is a few speakers, some lights, and lots of cables!”

The DJ confidently but quietly replies, “Dear bride, I presume you already have a laptop and you already have some music, I have brought everything else you need, if you think there is something missing, then you’ll need to pay for it.”

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